About us

The history of our company reaches back over 20 years, when the only technicians were the nowadays members of the board. Today, we execute over 5000 repairs each month and employ over 50 people. Our offer includes warranty, post-warranty and presale servicing for individual customers and major retail stores.

The client's satisfaction has always been the priority of our policy. We put our best foot forward to assure quality high-tech services, always trying to anticipate the customer's expectations. The repairs can be performed both at our suitably adjusted premises, and directly at the customer's (it applies to tv wall mounting, 'homeservice' repairs, first plugging and tuning of TV appliances etc).

Our business offer includes following services:

  • warranty servicing,
  • post-warranty servicing,
  • presale servicing,
  • complex service attendance for particular products (throughout the country),
  • technical expert opinions,
  • call center service,
  • online status tracking for items being under repair procedure,
  • comprehensive shipping and storing service.

Authorised by

  • Samsung
  • Strong
  • Thomson