Partner offer

The main area of RAGZ Authorised Service Partner's activity is professional quality servicing of electrical goods and home appliances. At the same time, the company develops according to the constantly changing demands of modern electric and electronic industry and rising expectations of final customer.

Last years have been very crucial for the lifting and development of our company. We became flexible and open to our customers' and business partners' high expectations, always doing our best to customize our profile to even the most up-market requirements of possible business affiliates.


  • Professional repair services at the component level (broadly equipped repair facilities, ESD protection system, experienced technicians and engineers).
  • Our experience enfolds central repair procedures, adjusted to the manufacturer's or reseller's terms and conditions, for different kinds of objects, delivered from the whole country. We also offer door - to - door repair servicing professional call-center support for individual customers. If cooperation terms conceive deliveries, we assure quality services provided by contributory courier companies and our own fleet.
  • Quality logistics in the entire country (we have own car fleet and warehouses). We offer advanced attendance possibilities in the fields of shipment, transshipment, warehouse storing, delivery etc.
  • Professional TV wall mounting at the customers' appartments, offices, shopping malls etc., throughout the country.
  • 'Homeservice' repairs (on-site repairing directly at customers apartments, offices and any other facilities throughout the country).
  • Distribution of components and appliances for the needs of different business projects (including full accountancy)..
  • Renting spaces, including storage areas and office facilities, in our estate located in the central part of Lodz.

Please contact us, if you are interested in cooperation with our company, as we are open to all new possibilites and business ideas.

Authorised by

  • Samsung
  • Strong
  • Thomson