Quality policy


Be the highly competitive provider of quality, high tech repair services for branded electrical goods.


Achieve and hold the position of specialised, nationwide repair services provider, offering high tech, quality services for individual and business customers.


Our strategy comprises:

  • effective diagnosis and repair procedures,
  • applying modern repair technologies,
  • assuring on-schedule repair completion for the customers,
  • fulfilment of our business affiliates', market, legal and administrative expectations,
  • pursuance and constant improvement of our Quality Management Plan,
  • trying to maximize our customers' satisfaction,
  • increasing the number of service authorisations,
  • introduction of advanced solutions in managing of crucial proceedings,
  • qualifications-improving training programs for all staff members.

The Quality Policy has been understood and accepted by all staff members, so they actively participate in fulfilment of its objectives. It is also perpetually revised with regard for its applicability.

Authorised by

  • Samsung
  • Strong
  • Thomson