Terms and conditions

1. Authorised Service Centre RAGZ offers warranty servicing according to terms and conditions of manufacturers.

2. The Customer is obliged to provide all documents required by the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions. If the documents cannot be provided, so the right to warranty servicing cannot be evidenced, our pricelist applies for the repair services. Duration of warranty servicing is always counted from the handover of all necessary documents.

3. Services provided by Authorised Service Centre RAGZ come with 3 months warranty. The warranty covers costs of all replacement parts and repair services (except for transport costs).

4. Every non-warranty repair procedure has to be preceded by an expertise (malfunction's assessment), which is a subject to a charge, according to our price list. If the expertise is followed by a full repair procedure, the price of expertise is treated as a deposit and it will be subtracted from the end price of the service. However the deposit cannot be returned if the Customer renounces offered repair service or in case of any other situation, where repair procedure is precluded by any other reasons irrespective of Authorised Service Centre RAGZ (inaccessibility of replacement parts, additional not reported malfunctions precluding repair procedure etc.).

5. If additional replacement parts have to be ordered, a higher deposit can be required from the Customer.

6. If the reported malfunction is stated to be caused by Customer's violation of maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer and included in the item's manual, and due to this fact collateral actions are necessary to run the expertise mentioned in paragraph 4 or the repair procedure, additional costs will be charged according to our price list. If the Customer renounces the repair service after the expertise and collateral actions are done, costs will be charged additionally to the expertise price.

7. The foregoing expertise is valid for next 14 calendar days.

8. Authorised Service Centre RAGZ doesn't take any responsibility for data stored on hard disk drives or other storage devices. Our company is not obliged to back up or restore any data before or after closing the repair proceedings. The Customer should back up all necessary data form hard disk drive and other memory storages before the item's handover.

9. If the computer, its hard disk drive, operating system or any other part of the item has been password-protected and it could foreclose the repair proceedings, it's expected from the Customer to remove the protection or inform our staff at the handover of the item. Duration of the service will be counted from the handover of all necessary keys, passwords etc. allowing the repair proceedings.

10. Authorised Service Centre RAGZ doesn't take any responsibility for any damage during transport without original boxing.

11. Any forwarding of personal data by the Customer is voluntary.

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